Google+ game: CityVille review

CityVille is yet another city building game from Zynga. It has been added to Google+ game platform for all its members with 3D effects, creating a visual treat for the members in Google+. Here is the review about CityVille and also steps to follow in playing this CityVille game in Google+.

Social networking has started to lose its interest among its users where they just use it for interactions with people; so each website has started to think and act on this differently. One of the additional features called social networking games are being added to Social Networking sites to make its user to have interest and gain its potential. These games create new dimensions in the game world. Amongst the many such games which are added social networking sites is CityVille, a city building game on Google+. This is a game where the players can plan and build a city to their dream and take charge of its affairs with the aim of growing and prospering more than your competitors who are playing with you that is among other Google+ members. This browser-based stimulation game is the latest sensation amongst Google+ users.
CityVille is a 3D social game which is now added to the Google+ games. This CityVille is city building simulation game which also tests your management skills. Players should create their own city with flourishing many metropolises and also rule his city as mayor. The players can also build an assortment to their wishes like homes, bungalows, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, parks, and tourist attractions places which you think as important and basic amenities for your city. You can also hire friends as staff for building your community. Each player has also an option to set up their businesses and expand it to neighboring cities having a specific franchise for them. You need to maintain a balance between income and resources which you earn by importing goods and farming in their city. Well, this is your city, so you can decorate and design the city creatively to your dreams in CityVille.

CityVille was developed and marketed by Zynga. Zynga is game developing game, mainly focusing on social networking game. Zynga Poker is also another game in Google+ from this Zynga Inc. CityVille is a city building game where many city-builders must be played. CityVille game session is quite longer which makes the player to spend more time in playing it. In theory the players can only do things until you run out of energy, but I found myself that every player needs to wait for your energy to regenerate.Zynga CityVille
Publisher: Zynga
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High
Type: Social Game
EXP Rate: High
PvP: N/A
Platform: Google+

Game Plan of CityVille

The game plan of CityVille is the same as other city building games. The players can begin their play with a few buildings. And then later you can grow your city into something extravagant, thriving, magnificent, and very much profitable. Some missions also offer objectives which will you as a guide for your play, Mission will make sure that the players can gain population and expanding the territory. Each player can arrange and develop their city in remarkably personalized fashion. The most scintillating fact about the game is, they have an isometric view with fully rotatable buildings
Steps to follow in playing CityVille in Google+:

1. Invite friends.
2. Build your community.
3. Plan your city well.
4. It's all about timing.
5. Backup plan.
6. Build and design matter.
7. Ask for gifts.
8. Stay well-connected.
9. Think like a businessman.
10. Save energy.

Merits of CityVille:

  • Great graphics. (3D)

  • Farming option.

  • Nice franchise and collectibles feature.

  • Plenty of quests.

Demerits of CityVille:

  • Customization could be better.

  • Spamming of friends necessary to complete buildings.

  • Relies heavily on social aspects of neighbor participation.

  • Drawbacks of CityVille in Google+:

    game plan
    CityVille is also with few problems with its development and game plan. In CityVille, the players are asked to pay "no friend tax" a bit early in the game when compared with other city building games. Every player is not allowed to build their city further without raising your city's population to some limits. The total number of community buildings will be capped with the maximum population of your city. Community buildings are not very difficult to start but it can be time-consuming to finish your play soon. And each building which you build must be staffed by your neighbor's or friends. The player need you spend real money to compensate for the slots if their buildings are not staffed by their friends or else they cannot finish the game. The amount you must pay to compensate for this staffing is trivial, but it still feels useful as you progress in the game by zipping along and then suddenly hitting the wall.

    More about CityVille game:

    i) CityVille is a big game. CityVille is huge and big social game as far as now when compared with other social networking games. The game has fully stretched in width and also in depth. The players can build up (skyscrapers) and down apart from usual building of left to right. The players can even build marvelous structures like marina or harbor on water. In short to say about CityVille is "The sky is the limit".

    ii) The coolest social innovation in CityVille is its franchises. Once you create your own shop in your own city, then you can get franchise of your own shop to be built in your friends or neighbors city. When a friend adds your franchise in their city, then both you and your friend can earn money. The more franchises in the more cities you have, the larger your headquarters expands as a skyscraper in the sky. This is one of the added feature which is not in any other social games.

    iii) Finally, there is another meta-game within CityVille which is all of commerce and transportation done between cities. The players can grow crops (ala FarmVille) in your city and then trade your goods and services with your neighbors. This micro-economic simulation meta-game fascinates all the players and attracts many more new players day by day.

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    Guest Author: atetuna15 Dec 2011

    The G+ version of Cityville has a LOT of bugs. It causes so much frustration that you would do well to avoid this game.

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